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Volvo Immobilizer & Key Programming

Models covered by this transponder key replacement service:

1999-2004 C70
2000-2004 S40
1999-2000 S70
2001-2004 V40
1999-2000 V70
If you have lost keys for your vehicle, but your vehicle has no other problems, this plug & play key replacement service is for you. We can add duplicate keys and even provide new keys when all keys have been lost. When keys to your vehicle have been lost, there is a better alternative to towing your vehicle to the dealer for new key programming. AMP can cut new keys and program them to your vehicle, then send your keys to you by mail. By avoiding the cost of towing to a dealer and dealer programming charges, you can save money and eliminate the risk of towing damage to your vehicle. Please view our 100% positive feedback at our ebay store, and if you order directly from this website instead of ebay you will save $10.

How it Works:

  • Step 1:
    Remove the immobilizer unit from you vehicle and send it to us with one of your existing keys OR a correct key code. If you don't have any keys or key code to send us, email or call us to make other arrangements prior to purchase.

    Click here for Immobilizer Unit removal instructions for C-70, S-70, and V-70





    Click here for Immobilizer Unit removal instructions for S-40 and V-40





  • Step 2:
    Email or call us to arrange payment of $245, which includes (2) new keys, Immobilizer and key programming, priority return shipping, and insurance. Additional master keys are available for $33 each. Please specify the number of keys needed when ordering by phone or email.

    An upgrade from Priority shipping to Express Shipping is available for $10.
  • Step 3:
    Ship your immobilizer ECU and key code (unless other arrangements have been made) to the following address:

    AMP Automotive Module Programming
    7622 Airpark RD
    Gaithersburg, MD 20879

    Remember to also include a physical return address, contact phone number, email address. Normal turnaround time for this service is (3) business days or less, not including transit time. For faster turnaround, other special requests, or questions, please email or call us.
  • Step 4:
    We will cut (2) keys to fit your locks and program them with your ECU. We will return your ECU and new keys, then simply plug your ECU back into the vehicle and your vehicle is ready to start with the new keys.
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