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Gauge Cluster & Odometer Repair

Amp can repair instrument (gauge) clusters and correct odometer mileages for most vehicles. Malfunctioning gauges, lights, and digital displays are common problems that can often be repaired for much less than the cost of replacing an instrument cluster. In cases where an instrument cluster is replaced, the mileage of the new cluster can usually be matched to that of the original one.

These services are available for most vehicles locally and by mail service. Call or email to make arrangements.

Please note that when replacing an instrument cluster, or any other electrical item, never discard the old parts until the job has been completely finished. Old parts may contain valuable data used to program replacement parts.

Please also note that AMP will not participate in odometer fraud. Our service is intended to correct, not falsify odometer readings. We have measures in place to discourage attempted odometer fraud and we will require a copy of a driver's license in some cases.