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Airbag Systems Reset

Service available to the US and Canada:

After an airbag deployment, many airbag control modules (SRS computers) will shut down computer operation and lock memory access to protect crash data stored within them. In many cases even the dealer cannot reprogram used airbag control modules after an accident. AMP can reprogram many airbag control modules that dealerships will tell you to discard and replace with new ones that they would sell you. In most cases, those used units are in no way physically damaged, they simply need special reprogramming procedures to restore them to their pre-accident settings. AMP unlocks the computer memory, cleans up the crash data, and reprograms the unit to original settings for reuse.

Service available locally:

In addition to airbag control module reprogramming mentioned above, AMP also carries dealership programming equipment for many vehicles to program (initialize) SRS components replaced after accident or theft.

If you are repairing or replacing SRS related components such as:
  • Airbags
  • Seat Belt Tensioners
  • Occupancy Detection Sensors (Weight Sensors, etc.)
  • Impact Sensors
  • Airbag Control Modules (SRS Computers)
  • or any other SRS Components

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